Tafsir Ibn Kathir



The Tafsir of Surat Al-Fatihah (Chapter 1)


1. Al Fatiha

Which was revealed in Makkah

The Meaning of Al-Fatihah and its Various Names

How many Ayat does Al-Fatihah contain

The Number of Words and Letters in Al-Fatihah

The Reason it is called Umm Al-Kitab

Virtues of Al-Fatihah

Al-Fatihah and the Prayer

Explaining this Hadith

Reciting Al-Fatihah is required in Every Rak`ah of the Prayer

The Tafsir of Isti`adhah (seeking Refuge)

Seeking Refuge before reciting the Qur'an

Seeking Refuge with Allah when One is Angry

Is the Isti`adhah (seeking Refuge) required

Virtues of the Isti`adhah

What does Isti`adhah mean

Why the Devil is called Shaytan

The Meaning of Ar-Rajim

Bismillah is the First Ayah of Al-Fatihah

Basmalah aloud in the Prayer

The Virtue of Al-Fatihah

Basmalah is recommended before performing any Deed

The Meaning of

The Meaning of Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The Meaning of Al-Hamd

The Difference between Praise and Thanks

The Statements of the Salaf about Al-Hamd

The Virtues of Al-Hamd

Al before Hamd encompasses all Types of Thanks and Appreciation for Allah

The Meaning of Ar-Rabb, the Lord

The Meaning of Al-`Alamin

Why is the Creation called `Alam

Indicating Sovereignty on the Day of Judgment

The Meaning of Yawm Ad-Din

Allah is Al-Malik (King or Owner)

The Meaning of Ad-Din

The Linguistic and Religious Meaning of `Ibadah

The Merit of stating the Object of the Action before the Doer of the Act, and the Merit of these Negations

Al-Fatihah indicates the Necessity of praising Allah. It is required in every Prayer.

Tawhid Al-Uluhiyyah

Tawhid Ar-Rububiyyah

Allah called His Prophet sw an `Abd

Encouraging the Performance of the Acts of Worship during Times of Distress

Why Praise was mentioned First

The Meaning of As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim, the Straight Path.

The Faithful ask for and abide by Guidance

The Summary of Al-Fatihah

The Bounties are because of Allah, not the Deviations

Saying Amin