In the Early Hours:
Reflections on Spiritual and Self-development
By: Khurram Murad

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Each of the seven sections in this book represents one Nasiha or Advice. Each Nasiha was delivered in a presentation of approximately 45 minutes. This time allotment was not, of course, sufficient for Ustadh Khurram to discuss the subjects in detail. I have therefore drawn material from several of his other speeches and works for `thoroughness', coherence and to provide clarity on the topics discussed. I have also added Quran and hadith references wherever I felt they were relevant and added to the richness of the text. Only Allah knows how close I have come to making clear the Message of the Quran and the Sunna as expressed by Ustadh Khurram.


1. The Process of Self-development
2. A Life of Remembrance
3. Relating to Allah
4. Relating to Allah's Messenger
5. Spending in the Way of Allah
6. Relating to Allah's Creation
7. Meeting Allah