Ahmad von Denffer

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For most of us, an ordinary day is pretty uneventful; yet the quality of our everyday life is crucially important to our peace and happiness. Living that life can be a pleasure and a joy, but it can also be a burden and a misery or, quite simply, a boring and meaningless exercise. It all depends on how we live each day: with what inner attitudes we approach it, and with what outward actions we fill its hours. Living we cannot escape, and deep within us lies a constant longing search for a life of joy and meaning. This longing quest has gained an extra dimension in our time, as manifest in our preoccupation with what we call 'lifestyle.' But though a new 'style' comes into vogue almost daily, the real life in living remains as elusive as ever.

We may be surprised, therefore, to find new vistas opening before us when we follow the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through an ordinary day, observing the lifestyle he practised and offered as an example to others. By sketching a typical day in the Prophet's life, this small book invites us to follow that very lifestyle. It is obvious that no book, and certainly not one of this size, could ever succeed in conveying fully and faithfully the rich and perfect life lived by the Prophet. Nevertheless, I hope that what my colleague. Brother Ahmad von Denffer, has achieved in this direction will inspire many to follow in the footsteps of the Prophets: 'the best and the finest model for us' (Qur'an 33:21), and 'a mercy for the whole of mankind' (Qur'an 21: 107).


1. To Begin in the Name of Allah
2. Regular Deed
3. Waking up at Night and Rising in the Early Morning
4. The Use of the Right Hand
5. The Call of Nature
6. Ablution
7. Bathing
8. Early Morning Prayer
9. Daily Prayers
10. Supplication
11. Fair Prayer
12. Reading the Qur'an at Dawn
13. Forenoon Prayer
14. Cleanliness
15. Clothing
16. Eating and Drinking
17. Leaving the, House
18. Saying Salem
19. Sneezing and Ydwning
20. Earning a Livelihood
21. General Conduct
22. Manners of Speech
23. Zuhr Prayer
24. Living with People
25. Sitting Together
26. Asr Prayer
27. Visiting
28. Visiting the Sick
29. Sadaqa
30. Gifts
31. Maghrib Prayer
32. Neighbours
33. Guests
34. The Family
35. Teaching and Learning
36. Isha Prayer
37. Witr Prayer
38. Intercourse
39. Sleep
40. Remembrance of Allah