Dying and Living for Allah (Last Will)
(Akhri Wasiyat) by Khurram Murad

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Khurram Murad represented a rare blend of scholarship and activism, vision and realism, commitment and compassion, love and integrity. The vow he made with his Lord in early youth, he strived hard to live by all his life through thick and thin, amidst seas of opportunity and tempests of adversity.

He will be remembered as one of the architects of contemporary Islamic resurgence in the second half of the twentieth century. His writings will continue to guide the seekers after truth for a long time to come.

His first book, “Taḥrīk-e-Islāmī mein Kārkunon kē bāhamī Ta’alluqāt” (Mutual relationships amongst the workers of an Islamic Movement) written when he was a student and as part of a training package for the workers of the Islāmī Jamī’at-e-Talabah Pakistan, and his Last Will, which is in your hands, represent two chapters of his life tied together by one theme and message.

Khurram’s main concern has always been how to be a true servant of the Lord (be one of the Rabbānīyūn). His life was dedicated to this search and effort; his writings are a recipe for that destination.

The forty gems that go to make this wake-up call for all of us are his last gift to the workers of the Islamic movement in particular, and the Ummah in general. They provide a window to his heart and soul; they spell out clear-cut guidelines for self purification and preparation for the struggle of life. This work is a great ṣadaqah jāriyyah and will, for years to come, be a beacon of light in a world haunted by darkness and gloom.

I. Death and Ṣabr
II. Message for Successful Living
III. Journey to Fear and Hope