Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 3 Ali 'Imran

Verse [Section]: 1-9[1], 10-20[2], 21-30[3], 31-41[4], 42-54[5], 55-63[6], 64-71[7], 72-80[8], 81-91[9], 92-101[10], 102-109[11], 110-120[12], 121-129[13], 130-143[14], 144-148[15], 149-155[16], 156-172[17], 173-180[18], 181-187[19], 188-200[20]

Ayat Themes of Surah 3. Al-i'Imran

1-6 It is Allah Who has revealed Torah, Gospel and Al-Quran

7-9 Decisive vs Allegorical verses and Supplication of the Believers

10-13 Warning to the unbelievers and Lesson from the Battle of Badr

14-17 Comforts of this life vs The life in Hereafter

18-20 Testimony of Allah about Himself and that the True Religio in the sight of Allah is Al-Islam

21-25 Warning to the Unbelievers and Faith of the Jews and Christians

26-27 Allah is the One Who controls the kingdom and honor

28-30 Prohibition of taking unbelievers as protectors

31-32 Order to obey and follow the Prophet

33-34 High ranking Prophets

35-37 Birth and growth of Maryem (Mary)

38-41 Supplication of Zakariya for his son Yahya (John)

42-44 Status of Maryem (Mary) among the women of the world

45-46 News of Isa (Jesus) birth

47-51 Birth of Isa (Jesus) son of Maryem and Miracles given to Isa (Jesus)

52-53 Followers of Isa (Jesus) were Muslims

54-54 Plot to kill Isa (Jesus)

55-57 Allah's promise to Isa (Jesus)

58-63 Birth of Isa (Jesus) is compared to the creation of Adam and "Mubahla" Calling Allah's decision if Isa (Jesus) birth is disputed

64-71 Call for unity with Jews and Christians on what is common between them and Muslims and Religion of Ibrahim was Islam and Muslims are the followers of Ibrahim

72-74 Hypocrites among Jews and Christians

75-78 There are some good Jews and Christians and there are some bad and they cheat in quoting their Holy Book

79-80 Isa (Jesus) never said to worship him instead of Allah

81-82 Covenant of Allah with all the Prophets concerning the Last Prophet Muhammad pbuh

83-85 No religion is acceptable to Allah other than Al-Islam

86-91 Curse of Allah, the Angels and all mankind on the unbelievers and fate of the unbelievers who die as unbelievers

92-92 Criteria for righteousness

93-95 Lawful and unlawful food for the Children of Israel

96-97 First House of Allah on earth

98-101 Disbelief of the Jews and Christians and do not obey the Jews or Christians

102-103 Live Islam, die as a Muslim, and be not divided amon yourselves

104-109 Punishment for those who divide Muslims into sects

110-115 Muslims are the best nation ever evolved to enjoin good and forbid evil and Some righteous People of the Book

116-120 Hypocritical charity and Intimate friendship should be only with the believers

121-129 Lessons from the Battle of Uhud and Allah's help to the believers and Prophet does not have the authority to pardon the sinners

130-136 Prohibition of usury and Allah loves the charitable people

137-141 Believers are promised to have upper hand

142-143 No paradise without trial

144-145 Muhammad (pbuh) is no more than a Rasool of Allah

146-148 Prophets and their followers and Supplication of the believers

149-151 Do not follow the unbelievers

152-153 Result of disobeying the Rasool

154-155 After grief Allah bestowed peace and There is no escape from death

156-158 Life and death is from Allah

159-159 Consult before making a decision, once decision is made then be firm

160-161 Put your trust in Allah

162-164 Dignity of Rasool

165-171 Lessons to be learned from the Battle of Uhud and Those who are slain in the cause of Allah are not dead

172-175 Character of the believers at Uhud

176-178 Punishment for bartering belief for unbelief

179-179 Adverse conditions are a test from Allah

180-180 Punishment for the niggardly

181-184 Jews insulted Allah and uttered a lie against Him

185-185 Everyone has to die

186-186 Test of the believers

187-189 Punishment for claiming credit for some thing you have not done

190-194 Signs from Nature and Supplication of the believers

195-195 Acceptance of supplication by Allah

196-200 Do not be deceived by the unbelievers and Be patient and excel in patience