Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 9 At-Tawbah

Verse [Section]: 1-10[1], 11-16[2], 17-24[3], 25-29[4], 30-37[5], 38-42[6], 43-59[7], 60-66[8], 67-72[9], 73-80[10], 81-89[11], 90-99[12], 100-110[13], 111-118[14], 119-122[15], 123-129[16]

Ayat Themes of Surah 9. At-Tauba

1-6 Proclamation to dissolve the "Treaty of Hudeybiyah"

7-11 Commandment of Allah to honor the treaty so long as the unbelievers honor it

12-16 If the unbelievers violate the treaty, then fight against their ringleaders

17-18 Mushrikin are forbidden to be the caretakers of Masajid

19-22 Service to pilgrims is not equal to true belief in Allah, the Last Day, and Jihad

23-24 Do not take your fathers and brothers as your friends if they prefer Kufr (unbelief) over Iman (belief)

25-27 Allah's help is with the quality and not the quantity of the believers

28-29 Prohibition of Mushrikin from entering Masjid-al-Haram

30-33 Mushrik are the Jews and Christians who call Azra and Jesus the sons of God

34-35 Do not be like Rabbis and Priests who misappropriate the wealth of people

36-37 The number of months in the book of Allah is 12, of which 4 are sacred

38-42 Allah's order to bear arms against the unbelievers, if necessary

43-48 Those who do not participate in Jihad are hypocrites

49-59 Excuses of the hypocrites for not bearing arms against the unbelievers

60-60 Categories for the distribution of Zakah

61-63 Order of Allah not to molest the Prophet

64-66 Punishment for those who make fun of the religion

67-70 Hypocritical actions and their punishment

71-72 Believers' actions and their rewards

73-74 Allah's order to make Jihad against hypocrites and unbelievers

75-80 Behavior of the hypocrites

81-89 Hypocrites did not join the war against the unbelievers and Prohibition of offering Funeral prayer for the Hypocrites

90-93 Genuine exemptions from the battlefront

94-99 Those who make excuses to avoid serving in armed struggle for the cause of Allah when needed, are hypocrites

100-110 Categories of hypocrites and Commandment for the collection of Az-Zakah and Hypocrites' masjid for mischievous motives, called "Masjid-e-Zirar"

111-112 Allah has purchased the persons and wealth of the Believers in lieu of granting them the Paradise

113-116 Do not seek forgiveness for the Mushrikin

117-118 Allah forgave those three who lagged behind but were sincere

119-122 Believers are those who prefer the life of the Rasool over their own and requirement of obtaining understanding of religion

123-127 Qur'anic verses do increase the faith of the believers

128-129 Character of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Prayer taught by Allah