Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 8 Al-Anfal

Verse [Section]: 1-10[1], 11-19[2], 20-28[3], 29-37[4], 38-44[5], 45-48[6], 49-58[7], 59-64[8], 65-69[9], 70-75[10]

Ayat Themes of Surah 8. Al-Anfal

1-10 Commandment relating to the spoils of war (booty) and Battle of Badr, a battle between truth and falsehood

11-19 Allah's help during the Battle of Badr and Allah's decision between Muslims and kafirs

20-28 Worst people in the sight of Allah are those who do not use their common sense and Guard yourselves against temptations of Shaitan

29-37 If you become Godfearing, Allah will grant you wisdom to judge between right and wrong and Lawful guardians of Ka'bah are those who have fear of Allah

38-40 Unbelievers, who embrace Islam, their past is forgiven

41-44 Rules about the distribution of the spoils of war

45-48 Order of Allah to remain firm during combat against enemy

49-52 Victory of the believers and the painful death of the unbelievers

53-54 Allah does not change His blessings unless people change themselves

55-58 Treaties must be honored unless broken with proper notification

59-64 Order to remain prepared for war against the unbelievers and Make peace if enemy is willing to make peace

65-69 Allah's promise to make the believers victorious over armies TWO to TEN times larger in quantity than believers

70-71 Treatment to prisoners of war who embrace Islam

72-75 Duties and obligations of the Islamic State towards Muslims living in a non-Muslim country