Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 7 Al-A'raf

Verse [Section]: 1-10[1], 11-25[2], 26-31[3], 32-39[4], 40-47[5], 48-53[6], 54-58[7], 59-64[8], 65-72[9], 73-84[10], 85-93[11], 94-99[12], 100-108[13], 109-126[14], 127-129[15], 130-141[16], 142-147[17], 148-151[18], 152-157[19], 158-162[20], 163-171[21], 172-181[22], 182-188[23], 189-206[24]

Ayat Themes of Surah 7. Al-A'raf

1-10 The Rasools as well as the people to whom they were sent shall be questioned on the Day of Judgement and a Scale of justice shall be established

11-18 Story of Adam and Iblees (Shaitan) and Shaitan vowed to mislead Adam and his descendants

19-25 Shaitan cunningly seduced Adam and Eve to disobey Allah and Their repentance and Allah's conditional acceptance

26-31 Children of Adam are warned not to fall into the trap of Shaitan like Adam and Allah never commands what is shameful

32-34 Command of Allah to wear decent proper dress and eat good food

35-39 Children of Adam are directed to follow the Guidance of Allah provided to them through His Rasools

40-41 Gates of heaven shall not be opened for the disbelievers

42-43 Only believers shall enter paradise

44-47 Dialogue between the residents of paradise and the inmates of hell

48-53 Dialogue between the people of A'raf and the inmates of hell and Inmates of hell shall beg for water and food from the residents of paradise

54-58 Allah is the One Who created this universe and Pray to Allah with fear and hope

59-64 Prophet Nuh's address to his people, their disbelief and their fate

65-72 Prophet Hud's address to his people, their disbelief and their fate

73-79 Prophet Saleh's address to his people, their disbelief and their fate

80-84 Prophet Lut's address to his people, their disbelief and their fate

85-87 Prophet Shu'aib's address to his people, their disbelief and their fate

88-93 Behavior of the unbelievers with Prophet Shu'aib

94-99 Adversity and affluence are reminders from Allah

100-102 Stories of prior nations are narrated to teach a lesson

103-108 Prophet Moses was sent for the guidance of Pharaoh and his chiefs

109-126 Moses' confrontation with the magicians of Pharaoh

127-129 Pharaoh's revenge against the people of Moses

130-137 Scourge of Allah against Pharaoh and his chiefs, and their final destruction

138-141 Allah rescued the Children of Israel but they still disbelieved in One God

142-144 Musa's communication with Allah

145-147 Musa was given the written tablets of Taurat (Torah) and Arrogant people cannot get guidance

148-151 Israelites started worshipping calf after witnessing their miraculous deliverance

152-156 Worshippers of the calf incurred the wrath of Allah

157-157 Advent of Prophet Muhammad was described in Torah and Gospel

158-158 Muhammad (pbuh) is the Prophet for the whole of mankind

159-162 Allah provided food and water in the desert to the people of Musa

163-168 Jewish Sabbath, the violation, and Allah's scourge

169-171 Jews' wrong belief about Allah's forgiveness

172-174 Mankind's testimony that Allah is their Rabb at the time of Adam's creation

175-178 Example of those who deny Allah's revelations

179-181 Misguided people are like animals or even worse

182-188 Those who deny Allah's revelations are drawing closer to destruction and Prophet himself has no power to benefit anyone or to avert any harm

189-198 Allah created the whole of mankind from a single soul and Reality of those gods whom people worship beside Allah and Allah is the Protecting Friend of the righteous

199-206 Show forgiveness, speak for justice and avoid the ignorant and When the Quran is being recited listen to it with complete silence