Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 6 Al-An'am

Verse [Section]: 1-10[1], 11-20[2], 21-30[3], 31-40[4], 41-50[5], 51-55[6], 56-60[7], 61-70[8], 71-82[9], 83-90[10], 91-94[11], 95-100[12], 101-110[13], 111-121[14], 122-129[15], 130-140[16], 141-144[17], 145-150[18], 151-154[19], 155-165[20]

Ayat Themes of Surah 6. Al-An'am

1-6 Allah is the same One God Almighty in both heaven and earth

7-10 If Allah had sent a written Book and and angel with it the unbelievers still would not have believed

11-18 Allah has decreed mercy for Himself that is why He does not punish any one in this world and Punishment will be on the Day of Judgement

19-20 Al-Quran is revealed to admonish and to declare that there is Only One God Allah

21-26 Prejudice has made the people worship deities other than Allah

27-30 For sure there is a life after death?

31-35 Those who deny Prophet Muhammad, in fact deny Allah's revelations

36-41 Those who listen will accept the Truth and Use your common sense to learn from the signs of nature and Do you not call Allah alone in real distress?

42-45 Prosperity in this world is not a reward but a respite

46-50 Who can restore your hearing and sight if Allah takes them away? And Rasools never claimed that they know the unseen or that they are angels

51-55 Admonish the unbelievers with this Al-Quran and Real belief is a favor of Allah and is irrespective of worldly status

56-60 Allah alone has the authority of passing judgement and He alone knows the unseen

61-62 Allah has appointed guardian angles over you

63-67 Allah is the One Who delivers you from the calamities

68-69 Do not sit with those who argue about Allah's revelations

70-70 Do not associate with those who take their religion as a matter of amusement

71-73 Believers are commanded to become Muslims, to establish Salah and to fear Allah alone

74-79 Ibrahim learned faith through the study of nature with his common sense

80-82 Arguments of Mushrikin with Ibrahim about Allah

83-90 Descendants of Prophet Ibrahim including Musa, Isa and Muhammad, none of them were Mushrikin

91-91 Allah is the One Who revealed the Taurat and Al-Quran

92-94 Those who invent a lie against Allah will face a disgraceful punishment

95-100 Examples from Allah's creation are clearly spelled out for the understanding of mankind

101-107 How could Allah have a son without a spouse? And Clear proofs have come to you if only you could care to understand

108-110 Do not insult the deities to whom the Mushrikin offer their worship and Guidance depend on the attitude of individuals

111-115 All Rasools of Allah had opposition from Shaitan and his followers

116-121 Eat only that meat on which Allah's name has been pronounced

122-124 When good and bad are treated alike, criminals are appointed as their ringleaders

125-127 Whomever Allah wants to guide, He opens up his chest to Islam

128-129 Jinns, and human beings who are misled by them, will all be cast into Hell

130-135 On the Day of Judgement kafirs (unbelievers) will confess that they were indeed kafirs

136-140 Mushrikin give their deities preference over Allah and Mushrikin falsely attribute their self-imposed prohibitions to Allah

141-142 Give Zakah of agriculture on the harvest day

143-144 Falsely attributed prohibition of livestock are clarified

145-147 Correct prohibitions of livestock are spelled out and Explanation of the Jewish prohibitions of live stock

148-150 Mushrikin' excuse for being Mushrikin

151-154 In Islam forbidden things are based on fundamental moral principles

155-158 The Book of Allah has come to you for your guidance so that there may be no excuse about the true Word of Allah

159-160 Those who divide the religion into sects are not Muslims

161-165 Declare, "My Salah, my devotion, my life and my death are all for Allah"