Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 51 Adh-Dhariyat

Verse [Section]: 1-23[1], 24-46[2], 47-60[3]

Ayat Themes of Surah 51. Az-Zariyat

1-23 Surely the day of judgement shall come to pass, only the perverse persons turn away from this truth

24-30 Story of Prophet Ibrahim, when he was given a good news of having a son

31-37 The same angels who gave good news to Ibrahim annihilated the nation of homosexuals

38-46 There is a lesson in the stories of Fir'on, A'd, Thamud and people of Nuh

47-60 Allah, Who built the heavens and spread out the earth, has assigned Prophet Muhammad to be a Warner for mankind