Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 5 Al-Ma'idah

Verse [Section]: 1-5[1], 6-11[2], 12-19[3], 20-26[4], 27-34[5], 35-43[6], 44-50[7], 51-56[8], 57-66[9], 67-77[10], 78-86[11], 87-98[12], 99-100[13], 101-108[14], 109-115[15], 116-120[16]

Ayat Themes of Surah 5. Al-Maida

1-2 Fulfil your obligations, promises and agreements and Cooperate in piety and not in transgression

3-3 Haram-(Forbidden) meat and Al-Islam is declared to be the complete and perfect Deen (way of life)

4-5 All good and clean things are made lawful and Food of the People of the Book is made lawful and marriage with their women is permitted

6-6 Order for making wudhu (ablution) and Permission of Tayammum

7-11 Stand for true witness and establish justice and Plot of Jews to kill the Prophet and his eminent companions

12-13 Salah and Zakah were obligatory for Jews and Jews habit of being deceitful

14-16 Christians too have neglected most of their Book and Jews and Christians are asked to become Muslims

17-17 Jesus son of Mary is not God or son of God

18-19 False claim of Jews and Christians to be the children of God and Invitation to Jews and Christians to become Muslims

20-26 Behavior of Jews with their own Prophet Musa (Moses) and Curse of Allah on the Jews for 40 years

27-31 Story of Adam's two sons (Abel and Cain)

32-32 Decree of Allah regarding the killing of a human being

33-34 Punishment of waging war against Allah and His Rasool

35-37 Jihad is the way to success and No ransom will save the unbelievers from the punishment

38-40 Punishment for theft

41-43 Do not provide lip-service; be true believers and If Allah intends to punish, the Rasool cannot save

44-45 Laws of Taurat (Torah) and Those who do not judge by the laws of Allah, They are unbelievers, They are wrongdoers

46-47 c) They are transgressors

48-50 Diversity of human race and Establish justice based on Allah's revelations

51-53 Do not take Jews or Christians as your protectors

54-56 Your protecting friends are Allah, His Rasool, and your fellow believers

57-60 Do not befriend those people who make a mockery of your religion

61-66 Jews deceiving behavior and Jews slander against Allah and If only the people of the Book had believed, They could have had the best of the both worlds

67-69 Rasool's mission is to deliver Allah's Message

70-71 Attitude of Jews towards Rasools

72-74 Those who say Jesus is God are disbelievers

75-77 Who was Jesus son of Mary?

78-82 Disbelievers among the Children of Israel were cursed by the tongues of David and Jesus and Christians are closer to Muslims than the Jews and Pagans

83-86 Good Christians recognize the truth and become Muslims

87-89 Do not make Halal things Haram on your own and Kaffarah (penalty) for breaking the oath

90-93 Prohibition of intoxicants (liquor and drugs) and gambling and Rasool's duty is only to pass on the Message of Allah

94-96 Prohibition of hunting during Hajj Ihram (wearing pilgrim garb) and Kaffarah (penalty) for hunting during Hajj Ihram

97-100 Sacred elements of Hajj

101-104 Do not ask questions like the nation of Musa (Moses) and Superstitions are prohibited in Islam

105-108 Last will and testament, and testimony of witnesses

109-115 Favors of Allah upon Jesus and the miracles he was given and Disciples of Jesus asked for a Table Spread of food as a miracle

116-120 Testimony of Jesus on the Day of Judgement about the Christians