Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 47 Muhammad

Verse [Section]: 1-11[1], 12-19[2], 20-28[3], 29-38[4]

Ayat Themes of Surah 47. Muhammad

1-3 Allah void the deeds of the disbelievers

4-6 In case of war thoroughly subdue the unbelievers before taking prisoners of war

7-11 If you help the cause of Allah, Allah will help and protect you

12-14 Believers do not follow their own desires

15-15 Parable of paradise and hell

16-19 Hypocrites are those on whose heart Allah has set a seal

20-28 Promise of obedience (Islam) and good talk which is not followed by action is cursed by Allah

29-34 Allah put the believers to test in order to know the valiant and the resolute

35-36 In the case of war Allah is on the side of the believers

37-38 Do not be niggardly if you are asked to give in the cause of Allah