Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 43 Az-Zukhruf

Verse [Section]: 1-15[1], 16-25[2], 26-35[3], 36-45[4], 46-56[5], 57-67[6], 68-89[7]

Ayat Themes of Surah 43. Az-Zukhruf

1-8 Al-Quran is a transcript from the Mother Book which is in Allah's keeping

9-15 Even the Mushrikin believe that heavens, earth and all therein is created by Allah and Supplication before riding a conveyance

16-25 Some Mushrikin regard the angels to be the female divinities being the daughters of Allah

26-35 Prophet Ibrahim recognized the Oneness of Allah and rejected Shirk (Polytheism) and If it were not that all mankind will become one race of unbelievers, Allah would have given the unbeliever houses made with sterling silver

36-45 He who turns away from the remembrance of Allah, Allah appoints a Shaitan to be his intimate friend and Hold fast to Al-Quran if you want to be rightly guided

46-56 Prophet Musa was sent to Fir'on and his chiefs with signs but they ridicule him and the signs as a result Allah drowned them all

57-67 Prophet Isa (Jesus) was no more than a mortal whom Allah favored and made him and example for the Children of Israel

68-89 On the Day of Judgement believers will have no fear or regret, they will be warded paradise and made happy and O Prophet tell the Christians, if Allah had a son, I would have been the first one to worship him