Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 4 An-Nisa

Verse [Section]: 1-10[1], 11-14[2], 15-22[3], 23-25[4], 26-33[5], 34-42[6], 43-50[7], 51-56[8], 57-70[9], 71-76[10], 77-87[11], 88-91[12], 92-96[13], 97-100[14], 101-104[15], 105-112[16], 113-115[17], 116-126[18], 127-134[19], 135-141[20], 142-152[21], 153-162[22], 163-171[23], 172-176[24]

Ayat Themes of Surah 4. An-Nisaa

1-1 Creation of mankind

2-2 Property of the orphans

3-3 Restrictions on number of wives

4-4 Obligation of dowry

5-5 Do not trust property to feebleminded people

6-6 Train the orphans to manage their properties

7-10 Laws of inheritance

11-11 Prescribed shares in inheritance

12-12 Inheritance of spouse's property

13-14 Commandment to abide by the limit of Allah

15-16 Initial order relating to the punishment for women guilty o fornication

17-18 Acceptable vs Unacceptable repentance

19-19 Women should not be treated as a part of Estate

20-21 Do not take dowry back from women

22-22 Prohibition from marring the wife of one's father

23-23 Women that are prohibited for marriage-"Mahram" relations

24-24 Prohibited and permitted marriages continued

25-25 Permission for marriage with slave girls

26-28 Allah wishes to guide and forgive

29-30 Respect the ownership of one another's properties

31-32 Avoid heinous sins and do not be jealous

33-33 Laws of inheritance are fixed

34-35 Men are given authority over women and Corrective measures for disobedient women and Arbitration in family disputes

36-38 Huquq-al-Ibad (rights of other human beings)

39-42 Witnesses of the Rasools on the Day of Judgement

43-43 Prohibition of drinking liquor-2nd Order and Tayammum-a substitute for ablution

44-46 Behavior of the People of the Book

47-50 Invitation of Iman to the People of the Book and Mushrikin will not be forgiven

51-55 People of the Book tend to take side of Shaitan

56-59 Fate of the unbelievers and the believers and Who should the believers obey?

60-63 Hypocrites' attitude towards the decision of the Prophet

64-68 One who disputes the decision of the Prophet is not a believer

69-70 Believers will be in excellent company in the hereafter

71-74 Be prepared for armed conflict (Jihad)

75-76 Make Jihad to help the oppressed

77-79 Fear Allah and not the people and There is no escape from death

80-81 Obedience of the Rasool is in fact the obedience of Allah

82-84 Proof of Al-Quran being the Divine revelation and report the important news to responsible persons

85-87 Respond to greetings with even better greetings

88-91 Fight against hypocrisy and hypocrites

92-93 Punishment for killing a believer and laws of bloodwit

94-94 Investigate properly before jumping to conclusion

95-96 Ranks of Mujahideen over Non-Mujahideen

97-100 Oppressed should migrate if possible and Reward for migration in the cause of Allah

101-104 Salat-al-Qasr, Shortening of Salah during travel and Salah in the state of war and Salah is obligatory at its prescribed times

105-112 Establish justice based on Divine guidance and Warning against Slander and against falsely charging innocents

113-115 Allah's special favors to the Prophet and Prohibition of secret counsel and its limited exception

116-121 Shirk is and unforgivable sin and Pledge and Promises of Shaitan

122-124 Promise of Allah-who can be truer than Allah in promise?

125-126 No one is better than a Muslim

127-130 Establishment of justice for women

131-134 Have fear of Allah in your dealings

135-135 Stand firm for justice

136-141 Believers are required to believe wholeheartedly and Boycott un-Islamic gatherings and Hypocrites have double standards

142-147 Characteristics of hypocrites and the acts of hypocrisy and Hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of hellfire

148-152 Do not utter evil words and Do not draw a line between Allah and His Rasools in obedience

153-159 Jews are habitual sinners and violators of Allah's commandments and Jesus was neither killed nor crucified

160-162 Punishment to Jews for their iniquities and Their only salvation is to become Muslims

163-166 This Quran carries the same message as was sent to Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus and Al-Quran's authenticity is verified by Allah Himself

167-171 Believe in this authentic revelation if you want to attain felicity and Stop saying "Trinity" Allah is the One and Only Deity

172-173 Jesus was a Prophet and worshipper of Allah

174-175 Mankind is asked to believe in the message of Al-Quran

176-176 Legal decision relating to the inheritance of childless persons