Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 2 Al-Baqarah

Verse [Section]: 1-7[1], 8-20[2], 21-29[3], 30-39[4], 40-46[5], 47-59[6], 60-61[7], 62-71[8], 72-82[9], 83-86[10], 87-96[11], 97-103[12], 104-112[13], 113-121[14], 122-129[15], 130-141[16], 142-147[17], 148-151[18], 152-163[19], 164-167[20], 168-176[21], 177-182[22], 183-188[23], 189-196[24], 197-210[25], 211-216[26], 217-221[27], 222-228[28], 229-231[29], 232-235[30], 236-242[31], 243-248[32], 249-253[33], 254-257[34], 258-260[35], 261-266[36], 267-273[37], 274-281[38], 282-283[39], 284-286[40]

Ayat Themes of Surah 2. Al-Baqara

1-5 Claim of Al-Quran that there it contains no doubtful statement and Al-Quran is a guide for those who are God-conscious

6-7 Warning is of no use for those who reject faith

8-16 Hypocrites and the consequences of hypocrisy

17-20 Examples of hypocrite's deeds

21-22 Allah's demand to worship Him

23-24 Claim of Al-Quran to be the Book of Allah

25-25 Reward for the believers

26-27 Parable of gnat may confound many and enlighten many

28-29 How can you deny Allah?

30-30 The story of Adam's creation

31-33 Victory of knowledge

34-35 Angels show respect to Adam

36-36 Shaitan caused Adam to lose paradise

37-37 Adam's repentance and his forgiveness

38-39 Need of Allah's revelations for guidance

40-43 Allah's covenants with the Children of Israel

44-44 Do you advise others and forget yourselves?

45-46 Allah's help come with patience and Salah

47-48 Criminals will find no way out on the Day of Judgement

49-50 Israelites deliverance from Pharaoh's persecution

51-52 Their sin of worshipping the Calf

53-54 Their repentance through slaying the culprits

55-57 Those who wanted to see Allah face to face were put to death, then Allah gave them life again and provided them with heavenly food

58-59 Their discontent and disbelief

60-60 Miracle of providing water in the desert from a rock

61-61 Israelites rejected the heavenly food and their disobedience and transgression

62-62 Real believers have nothing to fear or to regret

63-64 Israelites covenant with Allah

65-66 Punishment for the violation of Sabbath

67-71 Their attitude in sacrificing a cow on Allah's command

72-74 Miracle of putting the dead body alive and their reaction to the miracle

75-77 Jews are hopeless victims of hypocrisy

78-79 Some of them attributed their own writings to Allah

80-82 Their false claim and its punishment

83-83 Israelites made a covenant with Allah and broke it

84-86 Their behavior with their own people and their punishment for breaking the covenant

87-88 Advent of the Prophet Isa (Jesus)

89-90 Jews rejected the truth knowingly

91-92 Nature of the Jews' belief

93-93 Israelites love for the calf was more than their love for Allah

94-96 Jews' claim of exclusive right to inherit paradise is put to test

97-98 Their animosity for Gabriel and other angels

99-100 Their faithlessness

101-103 Their accusation against Prophet Solomon (Sulaiman) and their learning of witchcraft

104-105 Etiquettes to address the Prophet of Allah

106-107 Abrogation and / or substitution of the verses of Al-Quran

108-108 Questioning the Prophet

109-109 Envy of Jews and Christian

110-110 Open-end credit account for the Hereafter

111-112 Jews' and Christians' false claim to inherit paradise

113-113 Religious prejudice of the Jews and the Christians

114-114 Order not to prevent people from coming to the Masajid

115-115 All directions belong to Allah

116-117 Accusation against Allah of having a son

118-119 Al-Quran is the knowledge of truth

120-121 Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you (Muslims)

122-123 Accountability on the Day of Judgement

124-124 Ibrahim was made the Leader of mankind by Allah

125-126 Importance of the Ka'bah and Prayer of Ibrahim for the city of Makkah

127-129 Ibrahim and Isma`il pray for the appointment of a Prophet from the City of Makkah

130-132 Islam, the religion of Ibrahim and Ibrahim's advice to his sons

133-133 Ya'qoob's advice to his sons

135-135 Jews and Christians Vs Faith of Ibrahim

136-137 Order of Allah to believe in all Prophets without discrimination

138-138 Baptism is from Allah

139-141 Ibrahim and his sons were neither Jews nor Christians but were Muslims

142-142 Qiblah (direction in prayers)

143-143 Order of Allah to change Qiblah

144-147 Ka'bah in Makkah was made the new Qiblah

148-152 Order to face towards Ka'bah as Qiblah durin Salah (prayers)

153-153 Prescription to seek Allah's help

154-154 Martyrs are not dead

155-157 Allah will test the Believer's belief

158-158 Safa and Marwah are the symbols of Allah

159-163 Curse of Allah, the angels and all mankind is on those who conceal the truth

164-164 Signs from nature to recognize Allah

165-167 Mushrikin will have sever punishment and Followers of misguided leaders will regret on the Day of Judgement

168-169 Do not follow the footsteps of Shaitan

170-171 Do not profess the faith blindly

172-173 Prohibited (Haram) food

174-176 Those who hide the truth for worldly gain swallow nothing but fire

177-177 Definition of righteousness?

178-179 The Islamic laws of retribution

180-182 Commandment of Allah to make a 'Will'

183-184 Obligation of fasting

185-185 Revelation of the Quran and fasting in the month of Ramadhan

186-186 Allah is very close to His devotees

187-187 Nights of the Fasting month and Timings of fasting

188-188 Bribe is a sin

189-189 The moon is to determine Time periods

190-193 Order to fight for a just cause

194-194 Retaliation in the sacred months

195-195 Order to give charity

196-196 Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimage to Makkah)

197-203 Restrictions during Hajj and Performance of Hajj (pilgrimage)

204-207 Hypocrisy vs True belief

208-210 O believers enter into Islam completely

211-212 Believers will rank over the unbelievers

213-213 Mankind was one nation having one religion

214-214 Way to Paradise passes through trials

215-216 Charity and Fighting (for just cause) is made obligatory

217-218 Fighting in the Sacred Month and Punishment for "murtad"- who turn back from Islam

219-220 Drinking and gambling are sinful and Dealings with orphans

221-221 It is unlawful to marry a mushrik

222-223 Question about menstruation

224-225 Do not misuse oaths taken in the name of Allah

226-227 Limitation for renouncing conjugal rights

228-228 Waiting period after divorce

229-230 Laws relating to divorce

231-231 Treatment to the divorced women

232-232 There is no restriction on divorcees to remarry

233-234 Requirement of breast feeding babies and Waiting period for widows

235-235 There is no restriction on the remarriage of widows

236-237 Dowry and divorce

238-239 Guarding the Salah (Prayers)

240-242 Obligation of executing the "Last Will and Testament"

243-244 There is no escape from death

245-246 Spending in the Way of Allah and Israelites demand for a king

247-248 Allah appointed Talut to be their king

249-249 Test of Israelites' belief and obedience

250-251 Victory is not by numbers and Prayer of the believers for victory

252-252 Reaffirming the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh)

253-253 Ranks of Rasools

254-254 Spending in charity

255-255 Allah's attributes and "Ayat-al-Kursi"

256-257 There is no compulsion in religion and Wali of Allah vs Wali of Shaitan

258-258 Confrontation of Ibrahim and Namrud

259-259 Example of bringing dead to life

260-260 Ibrahim's question of life after death

261-263 Parable of spending in Charity

264-264 What makes charity worthless

265-266 Charity vs Showing off

267-269 Spend the best portion of your wealth and Allah's promise vs Shaitan's promise

270-273 Giving charity in public and private and Who is eligible for charity

274-274 Reward for charity

275-276 Prohibition of usury

277-281 Taking usury is like declaring war against Allah and His Rasool

282-282 All business dealings must be reduced to writing and Witnesses are required in all major business transactions

283-283 If writing is not possible, take a security deposit

284-284 Allah will call to account

285-286 True belief of Prophets and Muslims and Believer's supplication