Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 16 An-Nahl

Verse [Section]: 1-9[1], 10-21[2], 22-25[3], 26-34[4], 35-40[5], 41-50[6], 51-60[7], 61-65[8], 66-70[9], 71-76[10], 77-83[11], 84-89[12], 90-100[13], 101-110[14], 111-119[15], 120-128[16]

Ayat Themes of Surah 16. An-Nahl

1-9 Allah has sent down His revelations to warn that there is no god but Him and He has created cattle for the benefit of human beings

10-21 It is He Who sends down water from the sky for drinking and agriculture and He set mountains to stabilize earth and Allah has bestowed so many favors that you cannot even count them

22-25 Unbelievers are arrogant and they will be held responsible for that attitude

26-34 On the Day of Judgement Allah will humiliate the arrogant and cast them into hell, while the righteous will be awarded paradise

35-40 Allah has sent the Rasools to warn against the unbelievers excuse, "If Allah wanted, we would have not worshipped anyone else"

41-44 Allah has promised a good abode for those who migrate for His sake

45-50 Do the unbelievers feel secure against the wrath of Allah

51-60 Whenever unbelievers are in distress they call upon Allah alone; no sooner does He relieve them that they start committing shirk

61-65 If Allah were to punish for wrong doings, He would not leave even and animal around the wrongdoers and As water gives life to dead land so does Al-Quran to the human soul

66-70 There is a lesson for mankind in the lives of animals ie, milk-producing animals and the honeybee

71-76 There is a lesson in the process of your own creation; Why then, believe in deities who have no power to create anything and disbelieve in Allah, the Creator

77-83 There are also signs of Allah in the lives of the birds and the animals

84-89 On the Day of Judgement a witness will be called from each nation and the unbelievers will face the reality of their invented false gods

90-94 Allah commands to do justice, do good to others, and give to near relatives; and He forbids indecency, wickedness, and rebellion

95-100 What is with you is transitory; and what is with Allah is everlasting and When you recite Al-Quran, seek Allah's protection against Shaitan

101-110 Unbelievers accused Muhammad (pbuh) of being taught Al-Quran by a certain man, but the man they allude to is non-Arab while Al-Quran is in eloquent Arabic

111-119 Do not declare with your tongue what is Halal (lawful) and what is Haram (unlawful)-Halal and Haram are from Allah

120-124 Ibrahim was a nation in himself

125-128 Call towards the Way of Allah with wisdom; advise and reason in a courteous manner