Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 13 Ar-Ra'd

Verse [Section]: 1-7[1], 8-18[2], 19-26[3], 27-31[4], 32-37[5], 38-43[6]

Ayat Themes of Surah 13. Ar-Ra'd

1-3 Al-Quran is revealed by Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth

4-7 Trees, fruit, vegetables and their tastes are the signs of Allah and For every nation Allah sent a guide (Rasool)

8-15 Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they want to change themselves and Pray to Allah alone

16-18 Deities besides Allah have no control over any harm or benefit and Those who do not respond to the call of their Rabb will have escape

19-26 Those who fulfil their pledge with Allah will have and excellent home in the hereafter and Those who break their pledge will have the curse and a terrible home

27-29 It is the remembrance of Allah that provides tranquility to hearts

30-31 There is no God but Him, all things are subject to His command

32-34 Allah watches minutely each and every soul

35-37 Al-Quran is revealed in Arabic for easy understanding

38-43 Rasool has no power to show any miracle without the sanction of Allah and When Allah commands, there is none to reverse it and That Allah is the Master of all planning