Tafheem ul Quran

Surah 12 Yusuf

Verse [Section]: 1-6[1], 7-20[2], 21-29[3], 30-35[4], 36-42[5], 43-49[6], 50-57[7], 58-68[8], 69-79[9], 80-93[10], 94-104[11], 105-111[12]

Ayat Themes of Surah 12. Yusuf

1-3 Al-Quran is revealed in the Arabic language

4-6 Story of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)

7-10 There are lessons in this story for the inquirers

11-15 Stepbrothers of Yusuf asked their father to send him with them on a hunting trip and threw him in a dark well

16-18 They told their father that Yusuf was eaten by a wolf

19-20 One caravan kidnapped him, brought him to Egypt, and sold him

21-22 The Egyptian who bought him was a nice man

23-29 His master's wife tried to seduce him but Allah saved him

30-35 Women of the town started pointing fingers at her, she invited them to a banquet and asked Yusuf to appear before them and Yusuf was sent to prison

36-42 Two prison inmates had dreams and asked Yusuf for interpretation and Yusuf's address to his fellow inmates

43-49 King of Egypt had a dream and asked for its interpretation and Yusuf's interpretation of the King's dream

50-52 King of Egypt heard the case of Yusuf and declared him innocent

53-57 Yusuf's appointment as King's cabinet member

58-62 Yusuf's brothers came to Egypt to get food and grain and Yusuf asked them to bring Benjamin (Yusuf's younger brother)

63-68 They asked their father to send Benjamin with them in order to get more grain and Ya'qoob's advice to his sons

69-79 Yusuf introduced himself to his brother and plotted to retain him and Benjamin was accused of stealing so that he could be retained

80-87 Yusuf's brothers went back and told their father about the incident of Benjamin's stealing and retention and Their father sent them back

88-93 They came to Yusuf and begged for food and some charity and Yusuf disclosed his identity and He forgave his brothers and sent for his family

94-98 Ya'qoob got the good news of his son Yusuf

99-104 Thus his family relocated from Ken'and to Egypt and Yusuf's prayer to live and die as a Muslim

105-108 Most of the ignorant people who believe in Allah also commit shirk

109-111 All Rasools were human beings and Story of Yusuf is confirmation of previous scriptures